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Open Rights Group Needs You!

The Open Rights Group (ORG) is a UK organisation which exists to protect civil liberties wherever they are threatened by the poor implementation and regulation of digital technology.

In the May 2008 elections for the London Mayor, ORG deployed 27 volunteer election observers, officially accredited by the Electoral Commission, to observe the e-count. ORG concluded that:

"There is insufficient evidence available to allow independent observers to state reliably whether the results declared in the May 2008 elections for the Mayor of London and the London Assembly are an accurate representation of voters' intentions."

In other words, we can't be sure that the current London Mayor is the man that Londoners actually voted for. They reached a similar conclusion after observing the use of e-voting and e-counting technologies in elections in England and Scotland during the May 2007 elections (and the Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission agreed).

This is serious stuff. We like to think that we live in a democracy, and that our vote counts for something. But what about when your vote isn't counted the way it should be, and the wrong people get elected?

On top of that, they've also fought DRM, helping the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group make sensible recommendations, instead of simply repeating what the record labels tell them, and they helped ensure that the Gowers review into intellectual property law made sensible recommendations, like A recommendation that private users be allowed to copy music from a CD to their MP3 player (it's currently illegal in the UK).

This is all important stuff, and ORG is currently trying to recruit more supporters, so that they can do more of it. If you agree that these things are important, please download the standing order form and set up a standing order for £5 a month.
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